Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grants - Timeline

Requirements for applicants and the Request for Support Application will be available on April 13, 2012.




Request for Support Information Session

April 19

1.5 hours

Applications Available

April 12


Applications Due

Friday, June 15


Grant Application Eligibility Screening

June 16 thru June 23

1 week

Site Visit Notification

Aug. 13 thru Aug. 15

3 days

Site Visits for Semi-Finalist Organizations

Aug. 20 thru
Aug. 31

2 weeks

Top 5 Finalists Announced

Sept. 17


Finalist Presentations to Giving Sum Membership

Oct. 2


Grant Winner(s) Announced

2012 Giving Sum Celebra+tion Event*

* A representative from the winning organization(s) will be asked to attend this event for the official grant presentation.
All-Member Meeting*

* An organization representative from the winner of the $50,000 grant will be asked to present Giving Sum members with a timeline for the use of grant funds and discuss volunteer opportunities.

Nov. 7

Dec. 4



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