Sunday, June 21, 2015

2008: Giving Sum donated $50,000 to Coburn Place to build a playground for the children who lived there. We volunteered in the facility, designed the playground, and helped with the landscaping of the installed playgroun. (We left installation to the professionals for safety reasons, of course.)

2009: Giving Sum donated $50,000 to Starfish Initiative to fund a leadership camp for 100 Starfish Scholars. Members served on the camp committee, securing resources and setting curriculum. Designed around the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens", members served as teachers throughout the weekend, as well as camp counselors. Many Giving Sum members and past members continue to serve as Starfish scholars.

2010: Giving Sum donated $50,000 to Noble of Indiana to fund the Noble Giving Sum Community Garden. Located at the 21st Street Noble of Indiana facility, this gorgeous (and substantial) garden provides opportunities for clients to plant, tend, and harvest a wide variety of plants. Raised beds and wide aisles allow access to all patients. Harvested plants are used in Noble classes and provided to the Good Shephard food pantry. This year, in its second summer of growth, the garden provided great joy to Noble and substantial fruits and vegetbles to the pantry.

2011: Giving Sum partnered with Indy Reads to help launch Indy Reads Books, a new and used bookstore now located at 911 Mass Ave. The $50,000 grant helped secure the location and open the store, while volunteers helped prepare the store for its opening on July 13, moving books and shelves, cleaning, painting, and doing lots and lots of book sorting. Members also contributed over 2,500 books to the store with its drive and parade. Members continue to volunteer at the store and, as important, shop there regularly.

2012: Giving Sum awarded Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana a $50,000 grant to implement youth philanthropy initiatives and opportunities in their mentoring program. Members are currently working to activate the programs and partner with BBBSCI to create a lifestyle of giving back in central Indiana youth. 

2013: The 2013 Giving Sum grant was won by Paws & Think, an advocacy group that teams therapy dogs and schools for therapeutic work with children to improve literacy.

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