1. Can I meet with a Giving Sum representative to discuss my project in person?

No. Giving Sum is an all-volunteer organization and does not have the capacity to discuss individual projects with each applicant. You are welcome to e-mail [email protected] if you have specific or technical questions or experience problems with the on-line grant submission system. Giving Sum members will strive to respond to emailed questions in a timely fashion.

2. Can I contact Giving Sum to receive feedback on my application?

No. Giving Sum is unable to give specific feedback on each application. Applications that closely align with Giving Sum’s priorities and review criteria are the most competitive.

3. Do I have to request the full $20,000?

Yes. Organizations must request $20,000 and provide a reasonable plan for the use of the grant funds. Grant funded activities must take place after Dec. 9, and recipients have up to 12 months to utilize the grant funds.

4. Do I have to request time, voice and money?

Yes. Not only does Giving Sum aim to bring significant financial resources to non-profits in Central Indiana but it also aspires to engage members in diverse volunteer opportunities and provide valuable exposure to nonprofit organizations. Strong proposals should outline a plan to assist Giving Sum in attaining those goals.

5. My organization is new and does not have tax-exempt status.  Can I use a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent?

Yes. However, the stability and potential growth of your organization will be a factor in the decision-making process.

6. Can I request general operating support?

Yes. Giving Sum does not restrict its grant to specific budget categories; however, your organization should use the Giving Sum grant for high-impact areas and critical needs.

7. Our organization is located outside the greater Indianapolis area, but serves audiences within the designated counties. Are will still eligible to apply?

Yes. However, Giving Sum members will not travel outside the greater Indianapolis area to conduct site visits. Site visits must occur within the designated counties (Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan and Shelby). Moreover, the grant-supported activities must take place within the designated counties.

8. Our organization is unable to host a site visit. Are we still eligible to apply?

No. The site visits are a requirement. If your organization does not have a facility or administrative offices, then it is your responsibility to make reasonable accommodations for a site visit. The purpose of the site visit is to develop a deeper understanding of your organization and build relationships between your key personnel and Giving Sum’s members.

9. Can individual schools apply?

Yes, assuming the school is able to meet all the other grant criteria and requirements.

10. What types of projects does Giving Sum fund?

Giving Sum accepts applications in five specific focus areas, which are described in detail in the Grant Guidelines. To learn about projects Giving Sum supported in the past, please visit www.GivingSum.org.